The ultimate camera live preview and remote control via your Pebble for iPhone and Android.

Now, your Pebble can see what your phone sees. PebbleCam streams the camera of your iPhone or Android phone right onto your wrist. From your Pebble, you can toggle between rear and front camera, flash light mode or take high-res pictures as you wish.

No WiFi or internet connection required!

This allows a complete new set of opportunities for you and your phone's camera. You can take pictures without anyone noticing. You can monitor your workplace while you chat with your colleague.

Say goodbye to hurriedly rejoining your group photos… 😄

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Remote Control

Take pictures in hiqh quality remotely with a simple button-press on your Pebble.

View Finder

See what your phone sees to wait for the perfect moment of the shot - beautifully dithered down to 1-bit graphics.

Advanced Remote Control

You can toggle flash-mode and between the rear- and front-facing camera of your phone as well.


Don't want anyone to see that your are taking photos? PebbleCam can black-out your screen so that only you know that the camera is running.


You don't have a Pebble yet but you are a big fan of 1-bit art? We got you covered! PebbleCam works without a Pebble.


Your iOS device doesn't have a camera or you are under parental control? We will send a nice kitten to your Pebble instead!

Supports iOS 6 and iOS 7

We jumped through hoops and loops to get PebbleCam running on iOS 6 and iOS 7 — and it looks great!

Supports Pebble 1.x and 2.0 Firmware

Update to our latest app and no matter which version your Pebble runs on – It just works.

What the Pros Are Saying

Alistair Cohen on his YouTube channel

For how many years I have waited to videochat with K.I.T.T — finally PebbleCam fulfills this dream!

Michael K. Night

My buzz-sawing Submariner just can't compete with my new Pebble and its integrated viewfinder.

Bames Jond

Go-go-gadget-o PebbleCam!

Detective Gadget

Way better than my 2-way wrist radio!

Dick Tray C.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What is a Pebble?

The Pebble™ is a so-called smartwatch with an e-paper display. It comes with various watch-faces and can run custom apps. Some of these apps communicate with your phone so that you can see incoming SMS messages, e-mails and calls. You can get one for ~$150 at

Why is the camera feed transmitted so slowly?

Before we started the project we measured the maximum bandwidth available to the Pebble. Apparently the communication is limited to ~3 kilobytes per second! And it's even slower on Android... This is roughly enough to transfer a single frame per second. We are already working on a special video codec to cope with that limitation.

The camera feed won't show up on my Pebble!

Sometimes something goes wrong in the long communication chain between your Pebble, your phone and the PebbleCam app. Try to do one of the following:

  • Exit the PebbleCam app on your phone and on your Pebble.
  • Reinstall the PebbleCam app on your Pebble by tapping the cogwheel icon.

I've got an e-mail saying that PebbleCam is incompatible with 2.0!

PebbleCam is fully compatible with the Pebble 2.0 firmware. Just open PebbleCam on your phone, tap Connect and (Re-)Install the watch app as suggested.

The reason you got this e-mail is that we don't have an app entry in the Pebble appstore but only a companion-app entry. If we had added one, your Pebble would've upgraded the app automatically.

We didn't add an app entry it since we wanted to streamline the installation of PebbleCam for new users, to tell them upfront that it is a paid app to make sure nobody feels ripped off.

We're sorry that this requires and additional step for you as an upgrading user.